An Energy-aware and cost-effective BIM Cloud Platform for Building Renovation

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The ENCORE Services

We are working towards creating effective and affordable BIM tools, that cover the whole renovation life-cycle.

Data Acquisition

To automate the process of acquiring data from the building by using surveying techniques based on LiDAR and other optical technologies.

Image Processing & Reconstruction

that will process the data gathered by the acquisition service (DAS) to identify the different elements in the image and create the model.

Knowledge Extraction & Object Enhancement

that will be able to properly identify the individual objects isolated by the IPRS Service and relate them to the rest of elements in the model

BIM Resources Repository Management

to manage the repositories of BIM resources and will offeran API to expose the available resource to the Knowledge Extraction service.

One-site Design Analysis & Verification

to allow designers and owners to conceive renovation solutions on-site through the application of mixed/augmented reality interfaced to BIM models

Automated Work Planning

to automate the scheduling and work planning of the whole process (from building, to reference architecture, to BIM components, and into a series of tasks.

Construction Project Management

to allow to manage the life-cycle of renovation projects (and new constructions), establishing specific milestones and deliverables that can be shared with other stakeholders for different purposes (review, verification, validation, approval)

Energy Savings Simulation

for architects and engineers to be able to create different scenarios for the simulation of the energy savings

Comfort Simulation

to make use of an internal CSS Engine that will calculate the effect of different combination of resources on different comfort parameters like indoor air quality, thermal, acoustical or visual comfort.

Building Monitoring

In order to ensure that the energy consumption and comfort variables do not degrade over time ENCORE shall provide a monitoring service that will gather data from a sensors network located in the renovated building, obtaining energy and water consumption, light intensity, temperature or air quality data

BIM Visualisation, Feedback & Monitoring

The system will provide the tenants with visual information during the whole life-cycle of the renovation process, presenting the 3D model to the different stakeholders through on-line or dedicated user interfaces

The ENCORE Objectives

Design Building Energy Efficiency & Comfort Models

that observe the climatological diversity of European countries taking into account the regulations of each Member State

Design an ontlogy

that identifies the entities of a building, its properties (e.g. dimensions, construction materials, energy efficiency and comfort ratios) and their relation to form systems and subsystems

Develop a BIM Cloud-based solution

that will offer specific services to all stakeholders in the full life-cycle of renovation (see below)

Contribute to the current BIM standards

which are currently focused on the construction process, instead of the renovation process.

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