04 Feb. 19

We have started the ENCORE Project with a frantic activity. The project was invited to participate in the first workshop on “innovative methods for energy performance assessment and certification of buildings” TIMEPAC2019 held in Barcelona on January 31st and February 1st, masterfully organised by the ARC Engineering and Architecture Group of University La Salle and the Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) from Slovenia.

The project was presented under the session “Energy Performance Assessment in Buildings – data capturing and integration, data visualization and analysis, standards for integrated energy information systems, new trends and initiatives”, where we could share our visions for the ENCORE project with researchers from La Salle, JSI, Politecnico di Torino and the company CYPE Ingenieros.

La Salle shared their works on semantic technologies applied to urban energy models (FP7 Project SEMANCO) and to the enhancement of BIM models to plan retrofitting at district level (FP7 Project OPTEEMAL). Politecnico di Torino also presented a proposal to extend BIM technologies for its use in the calculations of energy savings at district level (FP7 Project DIMMER), and JSI proposed the use of BIM to carry out renovations to obtain energy savings in office buildings. Finally, CYPE presented a disruptive view on the use of BIM and 3D models making use of videogames engines and augmented reality technologies to facilitate the access of non-experts to the world of 3D models.