The mission of SmartGateways is to establish an  inter-operable IoT platform that can be used to collect relevant information through any type of sensors and making it available to users through a secure data cloud to create applications that can enhance health & wellbeing of people.  SmartGateways is committed to providing customisable hardware and software solutions to meet users’ specific requirements, in a future proof package  that allow quick system updates, live monitoring and debug, together with the deployment of new services and add-on functionalities though a cloud based management interface. SmartGateways IoT platform can be used to support applications such as energy management, home automation and remote care.  

As a part of the CityVerve project, which was funded by Innovate UK to create a series of national IoT demonstrators,  Smartgateways IoT platform was successfully  used  to create a self-care mobile application for the patients suffering from  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  

Smartgateways was established in 2014 and operating from Manchester Science Park, Manchester.

Key personnel participating in the project: