The National Research Council (CNR) is the largest public research institution in Italy. The mission of CNR is developing, diffusing, and promoting research activities in the main fields of the knowledge, and studying their application for scientific, technological and economic progress of Italy.

The Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) is an institute of CNR. The Institute is committed to producing scientific excellence and to playing an active role in technology transfer. The domain of competence covers Information Science, related technologies and a wide range of applications. The activity of ISTI aims at increasing knowledge, developing and testing new ideas and widening the application areas. ISTI is structured with eleven research labs.

The Visual Computing Lab (VCLab) has been active in visualisation and computer graphics since 1984; it is now composed of 20 members. Current research focuses on3D digitization/scanning, geometry processing, digital fabrication, visualization systems, multi-resolution representation and rendering of huge datasets, 3D Web Applications. VCLab has a long track record in the use of 3D graphics for Cultural Heritage applications, with important collaborations with CH institutions at national and international level (museums, restoration labs, governing bodies). VCLab participated in a number of EU and national projects and has a very solid experience in developing and maintaining open source systems (like the widely used MeshLab and the recent 3DHOP family of web-based visualizers

Key personnel participating in the project: