WP1 | Specification of ENCORE Concept and Pilot Case

WP1 will undertake the analysis of the current State-of-the-Art and market requirements, together with the technical specifications and requirements and the definiton of the ENCORE concept and architecture. The Specification of Pilot Cases and Use Case Scenarios will also be implemented in WP1.


WP2 | BIM-based support tool for digital modelling and information generation

The main objective of WP2 is to design, implement and test all the services that are related to the creation of the 3D model of the building: the data acquisition, the automatic discovery of components, their enhancement adding knowledge and their export to facilitate interoperability with existing BIM tools. 


WP3 | BIM-aided holonic management system for building renovation

WP3 will design, implement and test the services that enable proactive generation of screening design scenarios, the validation of the renovated building modelled as a BIM by the customer / end-user through augmented reality, and on-site design validation, review and refinement. It will also design, implement and test an on-line planning system for automated generation of optimal work planning for the execution of construction projects. Finally, WP3 will define a system-of-systems representation of the renovated building and the development of the architecture of the holonic management system.


WP4 | Real-time estimation of energy and comfort performances

WP4 will design, implement and test the energy savings and simulation services and provide the necessary tools to retrofit the findings of the models into the rest of services, mainly KEES and CPM. WP4 will also deal with the monitoring and diagnostics of the whole life of the building, in order to ensure the non-degradation of the EE and Comfort parameters.


WP5 | Integration

WP5 will facilitate the integration of the services developed in the previous WPs into a single solution / platform. Partners will set up a continuous integration / delivery environment in order to have incremental functional prototypes for the whole duration of the project.


WP6 | Validation, Assessment at Pilot Case and Methodology Design

WP6 will define the validation strategy of ENCORE Early and Full Prototypes and it will also perform the validation together with the definiton of an assessement strategy and the analysis of the results obtained in the pilot cases. WP6 will also perform an assessment with external companies to evaluate the potential acceptance of the market.


WP7 | Dissemination, communication, exploitation and standardisation

WP7 will address dissemination and communication activities. These will be designed to increase the visibility of the Encore project and the technologies and products it develops. It will create a roadmap for exploiting the commercial and business opportunities offered by the technology, while addressing IPR issues and conditions. It will also monitor, assess and evaluate all dissemination and communication activities performed and adjust action plan accordingly


WP8 | Project management

WP8 is devoted to project coordination and management. It will define the management structure, manage potential conflicts and provide effective communication between the project and the Funding Agency. It will ensure that the project meets all deliverables on time and on budget according to the grant agreement


WP9 | Ethics requirements

WP9 will ensure that the Encore project complies with the necessary ethics requirements.

Work Package