The main objective of ENCORE is to boost renovation industry and to increase the share of renovated stock in Europe by providing effective and affordable BIM tools that cover the whole renovation life-cycle for achieving higher energy efficiency and comfort levels.

ENCORE will provide a unique entry point to all the actors in the renovation process in order to facilitate exchange of information among all of them. These actors will be:

  • architecture studios or freelance architects
  • designers
  • constructors and construction crews
  • manufacturers or providers of materials and components
  • tenants
  • dwellers
  • facility managers
  • public administration

Achieving this objective, will lead to several benefits for the construction and software industries, and society in general:

  • The whole renovation process will be more agile and transparent.
  • The costs of the renovation process will be drastically reduced and shortened. This will make renovation projects more affordable to the owners of the housings, thus boosting the building stock renovation ratios.
  • From the software industry perspective, given that renovation projects account for 57% of all construction activity [DG Internal Policies, 2016], creating a specific solution that supports and accelerates the overall buildings renovation process, and obtains effective energy savings, will be an enormous market opportunity once the main research challenges have been overcome.

Within this context, ENCORE consortium will conceive and develop a BIM Cloud-based solution that will offer several services to all the stakeholders in the renovation life-cycle. Some of these services are:

  • data acquisition/surveying of the properties/buildings (interior and envelop),
  • supported generation of BIM Models from Point Clouds or Photogrammetry
  • semantic classification of components
  • manipulation of BIM models to perform energy efficiency simulations
  • use of Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality techniques to provide quick feedback
  • automatic generation of tasks for the construction crews

The following picture shows a general overview of services and data sources of ENCORE:

ENCORE solution will be validated and assessed at “EDEA Project”. EDEA, managed by the regional government of Extremadura (Spain), counts on two demonstrator housings (“Pattern” and “Experimental”), both built on the same plot and with construction features, surfaces and materials similar to those of the social housings of Extremadura. The pattern housing is used as a reference and the experimental housing is used to evaluate different renovation strategies and measure their effectiveness. The involvement of the region of Extremadura will allow ENCORE Consortium to involve real dwellers in real renovation projects, linking energy efficiency to comfort parameters.