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The main objective of ENCORE is to increase the share of renovated stock in Europe and worldwide by providing effective and affordable Building Information Modelling (BIM) for renovation works. ENCORE will provide support to data collection, project execution and commissioning / delivery. It will allow to simulate different renovation options, so the end-user can evaluate the energy efficiency obtained with them. ENCORE will provide a platform that will connect all the actors in the renovation process (architecture studios, designers, constructors, tenants or public administration), facilitating information exchange among all of them. To achieve this objective, ENCORE consortium will create a system that integrates services for data acquisition from the buildings with laser technology or photogrammetry equipment embarked in autonomous drones. It will also involve dwellers in the process by providing them with mobile tools to capture images or other in-doors information. It will also provide support to architects and designers in the creation of the 3D models, automatically identifying and classifying the constructive elements, and allowing them to complete the model with existing BIM resources. The ENCORE technology will be validated in experimental facilities consisting of a baseline building and an experimental building that can be modified to measure the energy efficiency of the modification.


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